So Easy Stores Ltd is one of the largest Convenience Stores chains where it currently operates and manages 22 privately owned Kwikstop, Snack express and Grocery stores in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol.

The company was founded in 2002 and belongs to the Phil group. Andreou Group. The name So Easy was chosen to represent the company’s goal, which is to make your shopping as easy, better and faster as possible. The human resources employed today exceed 120 people and everyone’s concern is your service. This effort of ours has been embraced by the world and daily attendance is high in all our stores which receive and serve 270 thousand customers per month.

Every new store is an opportunity to get even closer to you. We become part of your neighborhood, we learn, we are informed about your needs and we contribute to local development by supporting events that are consistent with the social character of the company.

Consumers can find an expanded range of products and locate key categories such as: tobacco products, calling cards, press, food, beverages, kava, ready meals, cleaning products, personal care items, animal feed and many more as well as the provision of various services. In addition to the expanded range of categories, products and services, the stores offer continuous offers, reasonable and competitive prices, and convenient opening hours.


SOEASY stores are different from the classic traditional kiosks, grocery stores, small and large supermarkets. They are located in neighborhoods and communities with the main philosophy of serving the daily and changing needs of consumers in a friendly and clean environment offering the convenience of easy and quick shopping.


These stores cover the additional needs of a household and more. They are small shops of 200 sq.m. with an emphasis mainly on the functionality and configuration of their categories so that consumers can locate all product categories easily, quickly and at reasonable prices.
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